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Off the road (OTR) tyres and Military tyres

Vrakking has a large stock of  new, used and remoulded 4x4 and military tyres for sale. These special strong tyres are frequently provided with a mud or all terrain profile. We supply  all major brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Bridgestone.
These tyres are also used for agriculture, industrial and military use.

Our current stock OTR, 4x4, Unimog tyres.

PictureSize MetricSize PlyprofileLI/SIBrand


 225/75R16  T70 en T9  Uniroyal 
9.00-16 Nato Firestone 9.00-16 Nato Firestone 9.00-16 8Nato FirestoneNew
255/100R169.00R16  XZL Michelin"Cold" retreaded.
   11.00R16  XZL Michelin New
Michelin 325/85R16 XML Michelin 325 / 85 R 16 XML tire325/85R16  XML134K/137J MichelinLike new 
De original Hummer or humvee  tyre. Like new
De original Hummer or humvee  tyre. Like new
195/70R17.5     XZA112/110LMichelinNew
195/70R17.5 complete with agriculture wheel 195/70R17.5   XZA112/110LMichelinNew and complete on agriculture wheel. Height 70 cm and width 20 cm. Wheel=6.75x17.5
385/65-19.5 is 15-19.5 Carlisle trac chief  385/65-19.515-19.5  12 or 16Trac chief  Carlisle 12 or 16ply. 
445/65R19.518R19.5  18M857  BridgestoneV-steel. New and produced in Japan. Production years 2001,2002,2003
Michelin XZY 445/65R19.5 = 18R19.5 445/65R19.518R19.5 20XZY165KmichelinNew
 6.50R20 10XZY115/113LMichelinNew Michelin. production year 2005.
 7.50-20 14RIB LUG ChineseVery good quality and interesting price. Including tube and flap for agriculture use
Fast delivery in Europe.
Semperit 14.5R20 = 365/80R20 10.00R20 16   used(like new). several brands
 11.00R20  T831  Firestonenew. Click here for technical information
 Several sizes for Unimog      Unimog reifen 
335/80R20 Dunlop 335/80R20 or 12.5R20 Dunlop335/80R2012.5R20  SP T9 DunlopNew  139J /153 A2 or 149K/153A2
335/80R2012.5R20 12XZL  134KMichelinNew Michelin.
Often used for unimog
335/80R2012.5R20  XZL  Michelin"Cold" retreaded. Click here for more information
335/80R2012.5R2012Nato ContinentalNew Nato M+S for unimog
365/80R2014.5R20  XL
14.5R20 = 336/80R20 Semperit Giant steel 14.5R20 = 336/80R20 Semperit Giant steel365/80R2014.5R20 22Giant Steel 152J SemperitNew
Michelin 365/85R20 XZL 365/85R2013.00R20  XZL164GMichelinbrand new
365/85R20 (13.00R20) Michelin XZL like new365/85R2013.00R20  XZL164GMichelinnew
395/85R2015.5/80R20  XL Michelinnew
Goodyear tire 395/85R20 MV/T Goodyear tyre 395/85R20 MV/T395/85R2015.5/80R20  MV/T158KGoodYearLoadrange G
395/85R2015.5/80R20 14XML MichelinLike new.  Michelin and Goodyear
 395/85R2015.5/80R20  XZL164GMichelinnew
 14.00R20  18AT-2A
 GoodYearLike new
Continental 14.00R20 HCS  14.00R20   22HCS160/166GContinentalnew
 14.00R20 nato Continental 14.00R20   Nato  Continental Used but like new 
 14.00R20 18XZL164/160GMichelinNew.
Dunlop 14.00R20 14.00R20 22SP921164/160GDunlopLike new. M+S tyre  tubeless. Profile looks like XZL.
14.75/80R2013.00R20    GoodyearNew and like new
14.75/80R2013.00R20   164G/JFirestoneNew and used(like new)
475/80R20   XML Michelinused

 16.00R20  XZL173/170GMichelinWe have them New, like  new (90%) and used.
1600R20 goodyear At-2A Unisteel 16.00R20  AT-2A GoodYearLike new. Loadrange M (6500kg) and max speed 88km.
 18.00x20 26retread  Retreaded
560/50-20 Continental sand service560/50-20  12sand
152EContinentalProduction year 2006-2008
550/60-20   retread   
 24R21 16XS   MichelinRetread  with bandag
Replaces 24R20.5
Michelin 24R21 XZL new  24R21 XZL176GMichelinNew
Michelin 24R21 XZL retread   24R21 XZL MichelinRetread with XZL profile
9R22.5 Uniroyal T70   9R22.5  T70133/131KUniroyal 
  10R22.5 14T9  140/138KUniroyal or
Production 2009/2010 
 15R22.5  XF MichelinNieuwe Michelin 15R22.5 XF tubeless. Veel gebruikt voor hoogwerkers.
18R22.5 Michelin XZL   18R22.5  XZL168GMichelinNew/like new
445/65R22.518R22.5  XS    retread
Pharos 12.00R24 tire  12.00R24 18 156/153KPharosPharos (by Pirelli)
 20.5R25  retread

See our current stock with prices at

10.00-18 Russian brand new
10.00R15 Michelin XTA / Goodyear new
10.00R20 Continental HSR New
10.00R20 Kormoran U New
10.00R20 Serveral Brands New
10.00R20 Several brands 
10.5-20 Continental Nato New
10.5R20 Continental MPT 80 Used
10.5R20 Uniroyal T9
10-20 Pneumant U10 New 
10R22.5 Continental / Uniroyal  T9 new
10R22.5 Fulda Ecostar2 used
10R22.5 Fulda U11 new
10R22.5 Michelin XT4 Used including wheel
10R22.5 Michelin XZY + Wheel used
10R22.5 Michelin XZY used
11.00-20 Goodyear Custom XTRA Grip used
11.00-20 Goodyear Nato used
11.00-20 Obnova NT9 Nato retread
11.00-20 Titan GG T-hawk 373 New
11.00R16 Michelin XL New
11.00R16 Michelin XZL Used
11.00R20 Firestone T831 new
11.00R20 Goodyear G177 Used
11.00R20 Goodyear G286 used
11.00R20 Master Trac Retread 
11.00R20 Michelin XL Used
11.00R20 Michelin XZL new
11.00R20 several brands used
11.00R22 Continental HDR New
11.00R24 Goodyear G286 New
11R22.5 Michelin XY 
11R24.5 Kumho 970
12.00-20 GG Profile Used
12.00-20 Nato Used
12.00R20 Continental HSO New 
12.00R20 Goodyear G388 New/Demo
12.00R20 Goodyear G388 Unisteel used
12.00R20 Goodyear MSS Omnitrac 
12.00R20 Michelin XML New
12.00R20 Michelin XML used
12.00R20 Michelin XZL like new
12.00R20 Pirelli AT75 used
12.00R20 Several brands used
12.00R20 Uniroyal T9 New
12.00R24 Dunlop SP322 
12.00R24 Dunlop SP440 
12.00R24 Michelin XL 
12.5-20 Fulda MPT 
12.5R20 Continental MPT 80 Used
12.5R20 Continental/Dunlop nato (335/80R20) New
12.5R20 Continental/Dunlop Nato Used
12.5R20 Michelin XL New
12.5R20 Michelin XL Used
13.00R20 Firestone used
13R22.5 Continental HSO New 
13R22.5 Kumho KMD01 new
13R22.5 Michelin XZL Used complete on wheel
14.00R20 Bridgestone V-steel 
14.00R20 Continental HCS New
14.00R20 Continental/Dunlop Nato New & Used
14.00R20 Dunlop SP921 used
14.00R20 Goodyear AT/2A New
14.00R20 Goodyear AT/2A Used
14.00R20 Kraiburg XZL retread
14.00R20 Michelin XS new
14.00R20 Michelin XZA new
14.00R20 Michelin XZL New
14.00R20 Michelin XZL used
14.00R20 Pirelli PS22 New
14.00R20 Pirelli PS22 used
14.5-20 Continental MPT 30  Used
14.5-20 Dunlop E91 Used
14.5-20 Everest traxion 
14.5R20 365/80R20 Dunlop SP P7
14.5R20 365/80R20 pirelli PS22 New
14.5R20 365/80R20 Semperit Giant Steel new
14.5R20 Dunlop Used
14.5R20 Michelin XL New
14.5R20 Michelin XS New 
14.75/80R20 (13.00R20)  Goodyear AT/2A used
14R19.5 Michelin XS new
15.5/80R20 395/85R20 Michelin G20 pilote XL new
15-19.5 Firestone transport New
15-19.5 titan super rigger New
15R22.5 Michelin XF new
16.00R20 Goodyear AT/2A new and like new
16.00R20 Michelin XL new
16.00R20 Michelin XZL new
16.00R20 Michelin XZL very nice used
16.5R22.5 Goodyear G165 Used
18.00-20 retread
195/70R17.5 Michelin XZA new
205R16 Goodyear G48 New
210-18 Continental Extra Gelande New
215/75R17,5 Dynatrac New
215/75R17,5 Michelin XZA Demo/Like New
22-20 (560/50-20) Continental Sand service E7
225/70R19.5 Several Brands Used
225/75R16 Continental/Uniroyal T9 new
225/75R17.5 Michelin
225/90R20 Pirelli SN66 Used
235/75R17,5 Continental HS62 
235/85R16 Kumho APT KL 16 Road Venture ST
245/70R19,5 Michelin XZA Used
24R20.5 Michelin XS New
24R20.5 Michelin XS Retreads
24R21 Michelin XL New
24R21 Michelin XS retread
24R21 Michelin XZL New
24R21 Michelin XZL retread
24R21 Michelin XZL Used
255/100R16 Michelin XZL retread
255/100R16 Michelin XZL Used
255/85R16 Goodyear Wrangler 
255/85R17 Simex Sand Rider 2 new
275/70R22,5 Serveral Brands Used
285/60R22.5 Serveral Brands used
305/70R19.5 Michelin XZE New 
305/70R19.5 several brands used
315/80R22,5 Several Brands
325/85R16 Michelin XML like new
335/80R20 12.5R20 Continental MPT81 Used
335/80R20 Dunlop SP T9 new
335/80R20 Michelin XZL new
335/80R20 Michelin XZL used
335/80R20 Pirelli PS22 new (12.5R20)
365/80R20 Michelin XZL new
365/80R20 Michelin XZL used
365/85R20 Michelin XZL new
365/85R20 Michelin XZL used
37x12.50R16.5 Goodyear Wrangler like new
385/65-19.5 / 15-19.5 Carlisle Trac chief New
385/65R19,5 Continental HTR Retread
385/65R19.5 Continental HS 62 
385/65R19.5 Continental HTR New 
385/65R22.5 Casing
385/65R22.5 Pirelli AP 05
385/95R20 Michelin XT4 new
395/85R20 Continental HCS New
395/85R20 GoodYear MV/T new
395/85R20 GoodYear MV/T used
395/85R20 Michelin XML like new
395/85R20 Michelin XML New
395/85R20 Michelin XZL new
395/85R20 Michelin XZL Used
435/50R19.5 Casing
445/50R22.5 Casing
445/65R19.5 Bridgestone M857 New
445/65R19.5 Michelin XZY new
445/65R22.5 (18R22.5) Continental MPT AC70 used
445/65R22.5 Casing
445/65R22.5 Goodyear G178
445/65R22.5 Michelin XZL new
445/65R22.5 Michelin XZL used
445/75R22.5 Goodyear Omnitrac Casing
475/80R20 Michelin XML used
6.50-16 Chinese Line New
6.50-20 BF Goodrich Line Profile New
6.50-20 Continental Extra Transport New
6.50R16 Camac Co-120 New
6.50R16C Michelin XZL New
6.50R17 Several Brands Used/New 
6.50R20 Michelin XZY new
7.00-16 GG New
7.00-16 Nato retread
7.00-16 Nato Used
7.00R15 Serveral Brands Used
7.00R16 Michelin XZA1 New 
7.00R16 Semperit Express Steel New
7.00R16 Uniroyal T9 New
7.50-16 Sime Tyres T.29A New
7.50-18 Armour Village Bus Mate New 
7.50R15 New Several Brands
7.50R15 Used Several Brands
7.50R16 General Super All Grip New
7.50R16 General Super All Grip New
7.50R16 Michelin XCL Used
7.50R16 Michelin XZL Used
7.50R16C Michelin XPC New 
7.50R20 Michelin XY New
7.50R20 Michelin XZE New
7.50R20 Michelin XZY on wheel new
7.50R20 Semperit CYCLOP new on wheel
8.25-20 Alliance Used
8.25R16 Continental New 
8.25R16 Michelin XZA New 
8.25R16 Michelin XZL new
8.25R16 Uniroyal New
8.25R20 Dunlop New
8.5R17,5 Michelin XZA Used
8.5R17.5 Continental RS415 New
8R19,5 Michelin XY 
8R19.5 Michelin XZA Used
9.00-15 Simex Sand rider 2 new
9.00-16 Dunlop Trac Grip 
9.00-16 Firestone Nato
9.00-16 Military GG used
9.00-16 Simex sandrider 2 new
9.00-20 Continental Titan New
9.00-20 Polesana Voyager Nato retread
9.00-20 Serveral brands new/used
9.00-20 Titan GG T-Hawk 373 New
9.00R16 Michelin XL New
9.00R16 Michelin XS New
9.00R16 Michelin XZL Used
9.00R16 Serveral Brands Used
9.00R20 Continental HTR New 
9.00R20 Michelin XL Nice Used
9.00R20 Michelin XML New
9.00R20 Serveral Brands Used
9.00R20 Uniroyal T90 New
9R19.5 Several Brands Nice Used
9R22.5 Serveral Brands Used
9R22.5 Uniroyal T70 new